Monday, March 3, 2014

First Area!

We figured that Elder Archuleta would be tired, so the easiest way for him to give a lot of information is to ask specific questions.  Both Mom and Dad got an email and we got a few pictures as well.  None with our Elder in them..of course.  :)

Dear Mom,

It's fine.  I have been busy here, trying to understand what everyone is saying.  They talk A LOT faster here than they do in the MTC.

1.  I want to know the details of your flights!
     It was the longest flights(s) in the world.  I literally just sat there and tried to sleep.

2.  Where did you stay when you got to Manila?
      I stayed at a hotel next to the airport.

3.  How was the flight to Bacolod?
     Short, it was about 45 minutes

4.  Was it a big plane?  
     Not from Salt Lake to SF, and then plane from Manila to Bacolod

5.  Were you worried your luggage would get lost?

6.  Who did you sit next to on the plane from San Francisco to Tokyo?
     Everyone.  I moved around a lot.

7.  Did you have fancy seats that laid all the way down to sleep?

8.  What did you do for most of the flight?
      Lost my sanity. (not kidding, spending like 22 hours total on a plane is annoying)

9.  What did you eat on the plane?
      Sprite and pizza

10.  Were you excited to finally meet your Mission President in person?
       Of course!

11.  How long of a drive was it from the airport to the mission home?
       20 minutes

12.  Where did you stay that first night?
        Another hotel

13.  What did you eat for breakfast the next day before you went back to the mission home?
        Chicken and rice and orange juice

14.  That pizza looked incredible!  Was it as huge as it looked?  I noticed it was almost gone, it mush have been delicious!
        It was amazing.  It had random toppings but it was still tasty, and yes it was HUGE

15.  Elder Cano looks like he is fun.  Are you two getting to know each other well?
        Yes.  He helps me with the language

16.  What is your first area called?
        La Carlotta 2

17.  Did you get right to work the day you left?
        I started working right when I got to my area.

18.  Tell us about your area.
        There is a city about a mile wide, but after that it's just open fields and bamboo hut houses.

Dear Dad,

Yes, I was very tired.  Actually about 30 minutes after I got to the mission home, I was sleeping on the couch.  I'm slowly getting used to the time difference, but I'm not fully adjusted yet.  I should have pictures to send mom.

Elder Archuleta

Here is the SMALLEST AND MOST ADORABLE PUPPY EVER!  You could literally hold it with one hand.

Here is my apartment.  It's about 15' x 15'

Study room


Here is my companion and the two members we teach with.  Also, that is what I walk through everyday.  ITS AWESOME!!! (even if it's the hottest and sweatiest)

The outside world....sugar canes

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