Monday, March 24, 2014

I love it here!

WE GOT A LETTER!  So did Grandma, so I am including that in here too.  We also got pictures, this Mom's favorite, even the random ones he sends make me smile.  

Dearest Mother of mine,

We had to reschedule it for 2 weeks from now (I think the fifth of April?)  So my REAL first baptism is this Saturday, and his name is Jamye (James).  He is awesome.  He can understand English (but can't speak it) so I can talk with him with my halo-halo- linguahe (Ilonggo for "mixed language").  Yes, I received the letters.  But whoever's idea it was to put glitter all over one of them WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  I had glitter on my hands for like a week, and it was all over the floor.  So far though, everything has been going great.  My favorite thing about the Philippines:  Since I am American, they like to point that out.  So everyday when Elder Cano and I are out tracting, someone has to call out "Hey Joe!"  I love it.  all of the other American Elders hate it (or at least most of them do.)

On a sad note, I am down to my second to last Clif bar.  On a good note, I'm losing weight!  I have to cut my belt soon because I have too much extra belt-ness going on.

It's really hot here in the computer place, So I'm gonna hurry and send some pictures.

Elder Awesomeness

Also, eventually I should send you a better picture of me.  I just found my blog and I look fat in the picture of me in my suit.

Letter to Grandma from "Elder Awesomeness" 

Life as a missionary is busy.  So I check my email at like this computer place thingy.  It's literally just a building full of computers, and its like roughly 15 pesos for an hour (which is equivalent to like 35 cents I think?)  The food here isn't that much different.  Except for the fact that rice is included with everything.  I've had so much that I feel sad when I'm eating something without rice (which rarely happens), so when I get home we will need a LOT of rice for me.  Also, at McDonald's here, THEY HAVE SPAGHETTI!  Totally random.

Elder Archuleta

Here is a group of kids that followed us.  That is Elder Agustin, we were on temporary splits for like 3 hours.

I found this at the store and literally screamed "THEY HAVE TACO FLAVORED DORITOS?!?!"

I love it here.

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