Monday, March 31, 2014

We ran out of money..

Here is the email we received this week.  Apparently we will be sending him a new camera charger since he lost his.  That way when or if he finds it he will have two.  Hopefully he is thinking and charges all of his batteries when he borrows one from another elder.  :).

Dear Mom,

This has been a very interesting week for me and my companion. We ran out of money halfway through last week, And the bank here in my area is closed until further notice. So we traveled to a nearby area and I withdrew from my personal account. 

So about the baptism. No one showed up. Like literally, no one. So we're going to go visit tomorrow and see whats up. 
Tell me about your church building.  How far are from it? (Mom's questions.)
The church building for me is almost on the other side of town, maybe 15 minutes walking.
It's the only building in the mission with an indoor basketball court apparently. its about half the size of ours back home. 
Tell me what kind of shower you have.
Its a very weak shower head and a bucket. I've taken enough that the water is no longer freezing. 
Do you have a real toilet?  Toilet paper?!?  
Sure, it's real enough. It doesn't flush. You have to dump buckets of water in it to "flush" it.
No TP. If you take care of business,  you have to shower afterwards. They only have TP in the big cities. 

I didn't take Jake's shirt, that's the one you sent me in the MTC. 

YAY A PACKAGE! I wonder when I'll get it. The picture's going to have to wait, I didn't take any pictures this week. I was hit with the curse of the Bacolod mission. (Everyone has lost something important, My battery charger went missing. But I got lucky, An elder in my zone ahs the same exact camera so He's letting me borrow it on Wednesday.) The boundaries changed, but I don't get a new companion. Or at least I don't now. No transfer for me! Also, Transfers here are different. Normally it's 6 weeks, but here I'm thinking its every 4. 

Love you mom. And the rest of the family too.  Gotta get back to work.

Elder Archuleta

Also, Dad asked about conference. It's being broadcast here at our building, but its at like 8am or something. I'm not really sure yet, We'll find out for reals on Wednesday.

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