Sunday, April 6, 2014

Follow-up Training for February Arrivals

In Elder Archuleta's last email, he told us that he "would find out for reals on Wednesday" concerning his viewing of conference.  We had no idea what that meant, as per Alec's track record, he does not explain himself very well.  He gets this from his Dad.  ;)  Well, Mom happened upon these wonderful pictures on President Lopez' Facebook page...she checks it every now and then for information and possible pictures.  This time she got lucky!  There were 133 photos.  These are a few of them.

Follow-Up Training for February Arrivals 2014

Mission President gives his opening remarks.

Mission President illustrates the difference between missionary work and the hastening the Lord's work.  A companionship working together is defined as missionary work but....

A companionship that splits to work with 2 members (1 missionary works with a member, his other companion works with a 2nd member) is defined as.."hastening the Lord's work"

Create a plan, personal goals to help double the effort.

Assistants Elder DeVera and Elder Wilstead giving training on the First 12 Weeks.

Achilles' heel - we all have our weaknesses.  We find our Achilles' heel (our weaknesses) by checking your progress.  Check your progress in the First 12 Weeks resource booklet

Trainers, give your new missionary the experience to lead in EDPER, in planning and your areas.  It will help in building their confidence.  You need to be out of your comfort zone and be over with it.

Mastering the Fundamentals by President Uchtdorf

Mission President asks, how is your Hiligaynon?

Mission President called on Elder Archuleta to invite an investigator to be baptized in Hiligaynon.

Hiligaynon still needs some work.

Mission President called on his trainer, Elder Cano to help.

He could use some help.

Trainer (Elder Cano) coaching him (Elder Archuleta).

Question and Answer session with Sister Dixon.

Lunch after training meeting.

Pizza and ice cream!

2014 February Arrivals Follow Up Training Meeting with their trainers.

With the Assistants.

After the Follow Up Training meeting.

Elder Archuleta and Elder Cano

Assistants taking them to their bus terminals.

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