Monday, April 28, 2014


Dearest Mother of mine,

Things have been kind of crazy here. The sister's in our district had an investigator that was getting baptized, So guess who has 2 baptisms under his belt? Also, we have another one this Wednesday and also Friday! Finally getting some baptisms. 

I did get the package, I am (sadly) almost out of those amazing peeps. I just barely opened the Dr
pepper twizzler things and so far they're awesome! 

It's hard to take pictures. President Lopez has said to all the missionaries here that we need to always look like missionaries, not tourists. 

No, I don't need food. It's just been crazy here. (Although I do want some bandannas, preferably red, white, or black.)

The work? It's actually easier now. We (Elder Cano and I) teach different people now because we have given most of our investigators to the sisters (per advice of President Lopez)

Do they celebrate it(Mother's Day). I will tell you when I find out.  Mothers day call/skype call (I pick one or the other) Is on May 8 I think, I'm not too sure but it's soon.  It's approximately 30 minutes.

I will be sending the baptism pictures shorty.

Elder Archuleta

Also, I would like my pink tie. Jake cannot wear it. It's mine.  (Dad included a picture of "The Jakes" in his email from Sunday in Deacons Quorum, wearing what he thought was HIS pink tie, but it was Jakob's Easter tie.  He he he)

Questions from Dad:
I have a few questions:
Have you bought anything fun?
favorite food?
Anything fun you do on your PDay?
Language easier?
Is there anything you need sent to you?
Did you receive the last package Mom sent?
 Dear Dad,

Not really. I think that I'm going to wait to buy the fun stuff for when I' about to come home. But things may change.
Favorite food? Almost anything? I actually haven't had a whole lot of fish, just once in almost 3 months? Although I did have Eel a few days ago... Not doing that again. It tastes like burnt rubber and fish with the consistency of gum. Really weird. 
We play basketball as a zone, even though we all know I cant play basketball. 
Yea, It gets easier as time goes by. I'm definitely a lot better than when I left the MTC. 
I already said what I would like to mom, but just in case: red/white/black bandannas 
Yes, And I have eaten a lot of the candy. It was a good idea to include the toothpaste, I was starting to run low on what I had.

    Sister Miraflor and Sister Cindy

       I think this is the best one (I might have sent this one already, I don't remember)

    Serious picture (but I like the other one better.)

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