Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We will keep working

Grandma always gets different information in her emails, so she said we could include his latest email to her on the blog.  Thanks Grandma!

Dear Grandma,

It's okay! I'm busy here working, you get like 7 days to write 1
email, I get like an hour to respond to like a bajillion.  (Grandma thought he wouldn't get her email.)

Haven't watched it yet! It's being broadcast here this weekend.  (General Conference)

It has rained like... 23468463546876546865136876984 times in the past
week. It rains for like 3 seconds... stops... starts up again...
stops.... and repeats that like all day. It did rain like super bad
last week. My companion and I got so wet we had no choice but to go
home and do nothing because we had to bring our laundry inside to dry.

I will be taking pictures like crazy to make up for no pictures.
Literally nothing happened this week. We have just been looking for
investigators, but nothing yet. We will keep working.

Awkward. Sometimes people ask me if I'm related, (to David Archuleta) 
and my mission
president said I have to say yes. It's both awesome and scary. Its
awesome because we get like all these people to listen to us, but its
bad because they expect me to start singing... Not happening.

Also, mom said that someone in our fam also served in the Philippines?
Who and where did they serve? What languages do they know?

More kittens? ...When did you have cats?

-Elder Awesome

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