Monday, April 7, 2014

I plan accordingly..

No pictures from our Elder Awesomeness this week.  At least we received an email!  The pictures from President Lopez' Facebook will have to hold us over until he gets some sent to us.  

Dear Mom,

We get to watch conference this weekend, so don't ruin anything for me!

Yes, we had a few things holding our investigators back, But we
officially have a baptism on the 19th. But the Sister missionaries
have a baptism this weekend and I'm probably doing it. No, I can buy
TP, its just pointless. I plan accordingly.

Vegas?! Cool. I'll just enjoy living here in the Philippines... You
know... A tropical Island of Awesomeness with me there... No biggie.

I would love having the extra charger and batteries. I did manage to
find it, it somehow managed to cram itself in between the desk and the
wall perfectly. Also... hmmm... I'm not really sure if I really need
anything else. Snacks are completely acceptable *cough cough* I'm not
sure how much It ended up being but I thonk I withdrew a total of like
$30ish? It was the equivolent of P1000 (plus a P200 currency exchange
fee and the BOFA fees too) But Were all good now. The ATM in our city
works again.

Yes, I can receive pictures.

Love to everyone
-Elder Archueta

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