Monday, March 17, 2014

Zone Conference Pictures

Elder Archuleta's emails are rather short, and offer no information for his mom.  So, when she found out he had written his brother she asked him to forward the email so it can be added here.  It gives a little bit more of a glimpse into his first weeks in the Philippines.

Its hot here, I'm like always sweating.  The fish is, well, Fish.  The pineapple here is SO much better than back home.  Along with Mangoes.  Yea I teach everyday, it's different here than back home.  Like basically everything is almost opposite.  But the one thing I absolutely love about here is that there are: 1. No speed limits  2. No seat belt laws  3.  The people here when they see me always say "HEY JOE!" for no reason.  Its like my favorite.  That and I'm like one of the tallest people here.  The jet lag sucked, I'm still catching up to everything.  My house is like no joke the size of the front living room.  Also, every wall is blue.  The floor is blue.  The only thing not blue is the furniture. (plastic chairs and 3 tables).

Zone Conference happened for Elder Archuleta this past week as well.  I am sure he is loving all the food they get while they are there.  I will try not to add EVERY SINGLE PICTURE of him.  (Mom as she looks at all the pictures: Ooh look!  There's his head!  There's his ear, eye, etc...I am a freak when it comes to seeing him in pictures...even if it is just parts of his face.)

Zone Conference - Bacolod North and La Carlota

Breakfast @ 7am before Zone Conference 8am-3pm

6 Steps to Mastering your Mission Language

The power went out for 4 hours.  The sisters used these feather fans to cool off and some used large manila envelopes. 

(They were probably asking for volunteers to sing...and we all know THIS Elder Archuleta does not sing!  ha ha)

La Carlota Zone & Bacolod North Zone

La Carlota & Bacolod North Zone with President and Sister Lopez

La Carlota Zone

La Carlota Zone with President and Sister Lopez

Elder Archuleta and Elder Cano

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