Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 2 in the Philippines

This week Elder Archuleta wrote his Dad and sent his Mom 3 pictures.  

Dear Dad,

No, nothing too crazy. The craziest thing I've had so far is fried quail egg, it tastes like chicken and eggs. Its pretty much the same as home, except for our schedule is backwards (So its Priesthood, Sunday School, then Sacrament). I've started to get used to it, but I still sweat like crazy. It's getting better, They talk a LOT faster here than they do in the MTC, so I've had a hard time with that. Elder Cano is from the Philippines, somewhere near Manila I think.

    This is like one of the three pictures I was able to take this week.  

Steven ( his actual name was Whitey, but I refused to call him that). Also, he died yesterday.  It was a sad day.  He was my favorite little doggy, even if I only knew him for almost a week.

This picture is my favorite.  This is my companion and the other two Elders in my zone at dinner.

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