Monday, February 23, 2015

302 days

Dearest Family, (yes Domenick [Elder Casper] is family...)

Well... Where do I start for this week... Elder Ferrer and I have been having a lot of fun lately. We've finally managed to get things going here, after the countless weeks of Elder Liquiran and I trying... Guess we just needed some fresh ideas... Earlier today the Assistants called because the had a question... But it totally wasn't funny what they did.. Elder Morgan calls and starts with "Elder Archuleta, Kamusta? (How are you?)" We talk for a little bit then he asks "Well Elder Archuleta are your bags packed?" "My bags? Why?" Elder Morgan laughs and says "Cuz you goin home son!" Totally freaked out.. Then he laughs more and says he's kidding.. Good thing this assistant is actually a good friend of mine here in the mission... Other than that, Elder Ferrer and I have been rather busy, I've basically been teaching him everything I know so that he can be a better missionary than me when he gets to where I'm at... SO I will make peeps sad by saying no pictures this week. Remember as a missionary I am to be like Christ and do as he did.... And He didn't have a camera... But this week I'll make sure to take pictures.

Love to everyone! Have a great week! Read Alma 37!

Elder Archuleta

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