Monday, February 2, 2015

Week number kwan....

Hello Family! 

So this week, as usual, we've just been trying to get used to things here. My companion, Elder Ferrer, is new in the mission (Hence I'm training him..) Today alone is his 5th day. We've been having fun though. I've been teaching him Ilonggo and he's teaching me Tagalog! :D It's cool. But when it's just the two of us, we just speak English. Last night we were singing the Pokemon theme song... He's basically a Filipino version of me. We get along great, and we actually did okay this past week, even though we only got to work for 3 days. Monday was P-day so we were here in Kabankalan, Tuesday we were in Candoni, Wednesday and Thursday we were in Bacolod, so Friday, Saturday, and yesterday we were able to work. But this week we have all week, so Yay! :D

I emailed Kara like last week (or last last week)... but it's Kara. She's almost as bad as Shayna... Who also hasn't emailed me... Whatever. 

Pictures! I'll send those in a sec.

Elder Archuleta

And then we got this....

Hold on I might just kill someone.. I think this computer just delelted all my pictures..

 Sad face :(

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