Sunday, February 8, 2015


Well you can tell I'm running out of clever names for my emails..

Well this week has just been the same as usual. Not a whole lot happened, but we do have some fun things going on this week.. Wednesday we have a training with the new mission president... so HOPEFULLY that'll turn out well. It's a 3ish hour ride to the area where he's going to be giving the training (and like 20 minutes from my last area) so slightly excited for that. 

Elder Ferrer and I have been just doing our thing... He's been doing really good at learning Ilonggo.. So probably by the end of this transfer he will be like 95% fluent.. But we've been doing good so far. He's been teaching me Tagalog so that's been really fun too! That and Dad emails me and first thing I read is Ilonggo... Apparently Tagalog too.. And Cebuano too! :D Just a lot of languages goin on here...

Well, no word on the package.. I've been following up like everyday on it.. it's making me sad. 

I'm going to try to fix my sd card and get some pictures going, so I'll just end here. 

Elder Archuleta


Waterfalls... Half my zone (we're all elders here)

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