Monday, August 17, 2015


But it doesn't even begin to explain how busy I really am...

Hello to all! 

So For the next few days we have yet another mission tour. And our apartment is now what is called a hosting apartment, which basically means that random missionaries will randomly be staying at our apartment... Randomly. So that will be fun. Also, Elder Bowen is the one presiding over the tour, so he will check a few apartments in the mission... And guess who he decides to go check? The elder's that live basically down the street from the Mission Home (which is us). So just another thing to say I've done. #AreaPresidency #ApartmentCheck #BAKITKAMI?!?!

So yes I was sick... And that "little birdie" is in trouble. She know's it too. :D But we all good now, I'm just not supposed to tell Mom those kind of things because she goes mom-mode and freaks out on me. But we're okay now. #LittleBirdie

Well, I think it's time for me to say that being a zone leader is... Challenging. But I've been trying my hardest, and I've been seeing the success come little by little. And so I'll just keep at it until they finally tell me I can go home.. Whenever that will be :D #GoodTrunky #IThinkIGotThis #WhyDoIStillDoHashtags

I will actually get to pictures this time, since I have enough time for once. :D

Peace off! 
Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission


Sorry I don't have much time for explanations, but it's my baptism, a McDonalds that only sells ice cream, Dorian (the smelly but really good tasting fruit), My eye again for no reason, and an orange. :D 

I think it's pretty funny that he sent this one to me upside down.

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