Monday, August 3, 2015

So Today Is a Good Day

So right now as I write this, my companion is taking an English test and getting an x-ray taken... (stuff that you do when you're going home, so I'll be doing too sometime soon) So currently I have a temporary companion who is ALSO from California! :D   ((Elder Evans is from somewhere near Los Angeles.  I asked and that was all he told me about him.))

Well this past week has just been Elder and I getting stuff done so Elder can go home in 2 months. Today is just finishing that up so that way it's done. But when he goes home I'll be doing the same stuff... It's kind of weird thinking I'll be home soon. But it'll be nice too. I've been spending time thinking about what I wanna do when I get home. I think I'm gonna just stick with cars. Usually that's all I really think about lately, but that has to wait a few more months before I can actually do that. 

Not gonna lie, I've been feeling trunky. #INeedToGoHomeAlready #4MonthsLeft #Trunky

But on the brighter awesome side, we have a baptism finally! The area I'm in right now hasn't had one in a while, but we've been working hard to get this area going. We've had problems here, but we can handle it. It's just getting the members to start helping too. But we've started to make some progress! But we gotta keep going in order to get that ball rolling. 

Side note, I start reading D&C this week! I think either Friday or Saturday, not entirely sure. #SoCloseItsWeird

Well I really don't have much else to say right now. I really don't have pictures either, but I will next week. Maybe. #DidITakeAPicture? #NoSelfies

Elder Archuleta
Philippines Bacolod Mission

More conversation about my mentioning him getting married someday in my email:

Elder Archuleta:  You're not expecting me to get home and get married right away are you?
Mom:  NO!!!!!
Elder Archuleta:  Good 'cuz that wasn't happening anyways.
Mom:  Good, because dad might die if you did.  Hahaha
Elder Archuleta:  I would too. I'm not tying myself down. THIS MAN GONNA LIVE FIRST.

I love this boy of mine.  :)

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